The Feather

The symbol of the feather has a deep spiritual meaning in many cultures.
They represent a connection to spirit and to the divine.

Native Americans believed that feathers fell to earth as gifts from the sky.
Birds were revered as spirit guides who brought messages;
teaching, guiding and protecting people.

Birds and feathers have always been a symbol of flight and freedom.
As a bird soars through a never-ending sky, so can our mind soar and transcend our mental barriers,
energizing us to go above and beyond, and ultimately setting us free.

We’ll be giving prizes to all the movies that are selected, but above all we’ll be sharing
‘The Feather’ with the very best accomplishment in Cinematic Artistry.

We’ll be using these guidelines to chose an outstanding accomplishment in Cinematic Artistry:
* Script Writing
* Visual Story Telling
* Cinematography

* Performances
* Sound Design
* Editing

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