Five days of pure love for Cinema!

Our very first and exclusive ‘CinĂ© Tribe’ International Film Festival [CIFF] 2021 dates are from October 27th or 28th (Thursday) to the 31st, Sunday.

In 2021, our main host is the charming Delek Beach Hotel.

We’re a Tribe, We Care for One Another and We Give More then We Receive: Every-Time!

Opening Ceremony: TBC

For four or five days (tbc); we’ll be showing two films a day at maximum two different venues (side by side on the beach), so we’ll have plenty of time to relax, sunbathe, moon-bathe, eat well, gather around beach bonfires and get to know each other.

Closing Ceremony: Sunday the 31st of October

On the last day of ‘year two’ [2022], we’ll be gathering to celebrate all participants, to award ‘The Feather’, and to share the discoveries born out of this beautiful gathering.

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