Five days of pure love for Cinema!

Our very first and exclusive ‘CinĂ© Tribe’ International Film Festival [CIFF] has been POSTPONED DUE TO TRAVELING RESTRICTIONS.

Our new dates are TBD. We’re aiming for the second half 2022.

In 2022, our main host is the charming Delek Beach Hotel.

We’re a Tribe, We Care for One Another and We Give More then We Receive: Every-Time!

Opening Ceremony: TBD

For four or five days (tbc); we’ll be showing two films a day at maximum two different venues (side by side on the beach), so we’ll have plenty of time to relax, sunbathe, moon-bathe, eat well, gather around beach bonfires and get to know each other.

Closing Ceremony: TBD

On the last day of ‘year two’ [2023], we’ll be gathering to celebrate all participants, to award ‘The Feather’, and to share the discoveries born out of this beautiful gathering.

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